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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Saturday's Ride: 101.13 miles, 163 km - 09:45:03
Sunday's Ride: 80.4 miles, 129 km - 10:06:37
Total Distance and Time: 181.53 miles, 292 km - 20:21:40



VIDEO FOOTAGE of Sunday's Finish!

( Video! ) from Chixulub on Vimeo.

The animated map of Saturday's ride says it all but Sunday was even more amazing than Saturday.

Sunday's ride was only 80.4 miles but it was much more difficult due to a very strong headwind because it turned many decent downhills into virtual "uphills".  There was also the ever looming threat of being ordered onto a "SAG truck" (the truck that picks up stranded cyclists and wraps up the ride at 5pm).

A little more headwind and I would have quit but luckily, the wind would decrease every now and then and it was just enough to keep me going. 

 MS Mongoose BMX
Photo courtesy of Rod McBride

The SAG Truck stalks it's prey.

Not only was I exhausted, I must have been a little punch-drunk too because right when I was thinking about throwing in the towel and giving myself an "A for effort" a volunteer pointed to the left and shouted "Only a quarter-mile to go!  You've got it!"

As I turned to look, my eyes couldn't believe what they were seeing - was it The Emerald City, Shangri-La or Raymore-Peculiar High School?  I honestly couldn't tell which. 

Once I saw the finish-line, I was no longer tired - I could have ridden 20 more miles!  I don't know where all that energy came from but there was one more obstacle waiting for me: a speed bump 50 feet in front of the finish line...

...I totally ramped it, of course (Motomags were made for ramps!) then I slammed back on the brake pedal and left a 130 degree skid-mark across the finish line.  Then I started break dancing - okay, now I'm lying.  Then they made me repaint the finish line after I messed it up - no, I'm just kidding, they were cool.

 Mongoose BMX MS
Photo courtesy of Rod McBride

Sunday's Finish Line!

 Finish Line Bike MS 2009
Photo courtesy of Rod McBride

Go Team Lockton!

Behind every mongoose is a great teacher and my teacher was Jennifer (pictured on the right) - she's the one who got me into organized rides and if it weren't for her, I'd still be riding on the sidewalk (for real).  Jennifer would say "Drink before you're thirsty, eat before you're hungry and breathe before you need to."  Truer words have never been spoken since the time of Confucius.

I should also mention that there would be a lot fewer pictures documenting my journey (and no VIDEO) if it weren't for Rod, The Midwest Rock Lobster (pictured on the right).  He also embarked on a Fantastic Voyage that weekend and you can read all about it on his blog:


 Mongoose Motomag
Photo courtesy of Rod McBride

The Lobster told me there were "free chalupas" over this hill.

 BMX Mongoose Motomag
Photo courtesy of Rod McBride

"Ha ha, very funny, you got me...but there's free BBQ at the end, right?  Right?!?"  Sadly, there wasn't any BBQ left by the time we got there so I had to settle for FREE CHALUPAS!!  Thanks Jon!!

Bike MS 2009 BMX
Half-man, half-mongoose and one-tenth crazy - sometimes you have to give 110%.

 BMX Mongoose MS
Cameo appearance by the Lobster's rear tire and tropical shirt.

 Bike MS 2009 BMX build
Photo courtesy of 00_Duck
60 miles into Saturday's ride and where I met 00_Duck from!


The first thing you need to realize is that your knees will almost certainly become injured unless you get a really high seatpost.  How high?  Sit in the saddle, put your heel on a pedal and push the pedal all the way down.  Afterwards, your leg/knee should be completely extended if the seatpost is as high as it needs to be. 

The problem is: all BMX seatposts will bend on the first ride if you raise it that high.  I solved that problem by getting a seatpost that will NEVER bend.

Where can you get a seatpost that wont bend?  I smuggled mine out of AREA 51 but later I found out you can just order them here:

If you want the tube I have, it's 22 inches long, 1/8 inch thick and made of chrome moly (4130).  A.E.D. will cut it to the right length for you and it will only set you back about $25 (trust me, go with A.E.D., it's a lot easier than crawling 80 miles on your belly through the High Desert).

You also might want a "stem raiser" if you don't like being all hunched over.  They come in different sizes depending on your stem and fork tube - I got mine on but also sells them.

And finally, you need to train for at least a month prior to the ride.  Start out with a 5 mile ride or whatever you can do, rest a day or two, then try to do 10 miles more.  Repeat this process until you can do around 80-90 miles and then you're ready.

If you start to feel knee pain, slow down, alter your technique, don't pedal so hard and the knee pain might actually go away.  Sometimes knee pain just means you're riding too aggressively - take it easy, don't muscle it up those hills, use your weight instead.  But if the knee pain persists - you have to stop riding - I would have quit one mile from the finish line even if just one of my knees started hurting.  Knee pain is not normal for any sport, if you're feeling knee pain, you're over-doing it and you need to rest. 

Whether you finish or not is beside the point, it's totally worth it just being the "BMX guy"!

Engraving of Confucius.


"To be a mongoose,
begin and you are half done.
Mayhem will follow."

Confucius - 512 B.C.


time to ride...

Saturday & Sunday, September 26 & 27, 2009

Enjoy the music and updates - thanks again to everyone!

It's still not too late to donate!

Time to ride...


Help Me Make BMX History!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Here's the deal:
I'm riding in the National Multiple Sclerosis 100 Mile Bike Event on September 26th and if I reach my donation goal, I promise to make BMX history by completing the entire 100 miles on my factory original 1979 BMX Mongoose with Motomag wheels. 

If I fail to reach my donation goal...
...I will quit riding at the 80 Mile Finishing-Line.  Why would I walk away when I was so close?  Because the final 20 miles will feel like ten-thousand miles and I know me, I'll rationalize to myself how I "tried my best" and call it a day.  DO YOU WANT IT TO GO DOWN LIKE THAT?  I certainly don't but I'm so lazy I actually think I'll be happy if I don't reach my fundraising goal so you really need to push me and hold my feet to the fire.

So please donate... clicking either the "Donate to Participant" or "Donate to Roger!" button on my fundraising page:

If you can't donate... can still make sure I don't weasel out of the final 20 miles by emailing all of your BMX buddies about what I'm attempting to do on September 26th, 2009.  Do you know anyone who was a kid in the 70's 80's or 90's?  Chances are, they had a BMX and know how crazy this stunt is - send them a link to this webpage and let's see if we can reach my fundraising goal of $5,500!

...or please don't! I can stop at the 80 Mile Finishing Line and enjoy a cold drink with the multi-speed cyclists instead of having to ride 20 miles more - which is a lot more than it sounds.  Either way works for me.  I wish this were just a clever fundraising gimmick but it's not - 100 miles is very difficult to do on a BMX - I honestly don't know if I can do it.  Not reaching my fundraising goal may be a blessing in disguise - BUT IS THAT HOW YOU WANT THIS STORY TO END?

If you can do it, I can do it:
What you give today could power an OS BMX past the cheering crowds at the 80 Mile Finishing-Line and onward toward the gaping maw of the final 20 Mile Century Loop.  Multi-speed cyclists will stare disbelievingly, event organizers might wonder if I'm hallucinating and try to stop me but I'll keep riding and I wont stop until I return from the 20 mile loop - and then I'll probably crash into a tree. 

What's it like to ride 100 miles on a BMX?
I don't know, I've never done it.  Since I began training, I've gotten up to 80 miles and it took 8 hours.  Afterwards, I exploded - just kidding but seriously, I experienced a kind of fatigue that I have never experienced before in my entire life.  100 miles is a tough ride even if you're riding a 21 speed.  I'll keep training. 

It's going to a great cause even if I'm unable to finish the ride - so donate $5 even if that's all you can and dont forget to email all of your BMX buddies about what I'm trying to do - thanks for listening.


BMX Mongoose